Unwarranted Fan Outrage May Potentially Shape How Reinbacher's Development Progresses

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Ponné Thrift
09:00 AM EST
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David Reinbacher's selection and the immediate online outrage

For 224 hockey prospects worldwide, the National Hockey League Entry Draft provides a chance for their dreams to come true every year.

That is precisely what occurred for David Reinbacher as he was selected with the fifth overall pick by the Montreal Canadiens on June 28.

Considered a consensus first-round pick, ranking between 5th-20th overall on major prospect rankings, Reinbacher’s selection surprised most fans and media pundits across the league.

Many expected the Canadiens to select Matvei Michkov or trade down from their fifth overall selection.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman later confirmed on his 32 Thoughts podcast, that Michkov was only willing to join specific teams.

“What he [Michkov] indicated is that he wanted to go to a team, or a market, where the team mattered and it was a market where the team was popular. Where he felt they had a chance to win.”, Friedman explained.

Even though Montreal met Michkov’s criteria with the storied Canadiens franchise, they elected to stay with Reinbacher at five, pushing him one step closer to his NHL dream.

However, the aftermath that ensued from disgruntled fans was quick to dampen the celebration for the Reinbacher family.

Arpon Basu of the Athletic reported that the initial outrage from a very vocal group of disgruntled fans was the worst he had seen at this level.

“The overall outrage is at a level I don’t think I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something”, Basu wrote.

This immediate outrage led Reinbacher to remove the commenting feature from his personal celebratory Instagram post.

At the same time, further implications show that this may impact his development process with Montreal, according to Basu.

“I also heard that there is some concern among Canadiens brass about bringing Reinbacher to Montreal or Laval right away in light of the torches and pitchforks running through the fan base right now".

The worst possible strife Reinbacher should have endured that night was the minor public speaking gaff from Carey Price when he blanked on Reinbacher’s last name mid-announcement.

These young players should never be subject to personal attacks and cyberbullying by a fan base.

Multiple fans have been publicly supportive of Reinbacher since those reports have come to light.

Many fans have apologized for the actions of those people online while making sure Reinbacher is aware that he is more than welcome in Montreal as his career with the Habs continues.

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